3 Movies About The Falklands War

3 Movies About The Falklands War

The Falklands War, commonly referred to as the Falklands Conflict or the Falklands Crisis, was a ten-weeks war between the UK and Argentina. The war between the two countries was over the Falkland Islands and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, two British territories in the South Atlantic ocean. Despite the two countries’ meeting in Madrid in 1989 that lead to the restoration of their diplomatic relations and the end of the conflict, there hasn’t been a swift in neither the Uk’s or Argentina’s position regarding the sovereignty of the islands. Furthermore, the Falklands war cost the life of nearly 1000 soldiers as well as three civilians. In this article we are taking a look at 3 movies about the Falklands War.

1. Tumbledown – 1988

film about the falklands tumbledownTumbledown is an English TV-Movie starring Colin Firth and Paul Rhys. This movie about the Falklands War is based on the experiences of Robert Lawrence (played by Firth), a former British Army Officer who was severely wounded in the Falklands Conflict. In addition, Tumbledown is one of the first movies about the Falklands War as it was released before the 1989 meeting in Madrid.

2. The Falklands Play – 2002

movies about the falklands war the falklands playThe Falklands Play is a 2002 TV-movie about the Falklands War. The movie follows Margaret Thatcher and shows how her government oversaw one of the biggest crisis in British history. This political drama is starring Patricia Hodge and James Fox and is one of the few movies about the Falklands War.

3. Blessed By Fire (Iluminados Por El Fuego) – 2005

movies about the falkalnds war blessed by fireBlessed By Fire is an award winning Argentinian movie about the Falklands War. This is one of the best movies about the Falklands War directed by Tristan Bauer. The movie is the story of two men, Esteban and Alberto, who are sent to fight in the Falkland Islands and return home mentally scarred. 20 years later, after Alberto tried to kill himself suffering from years of depression and PTSD, Esteban revisits the battle through a series of flashbacks. Finally, Blessed By Fire is the quintessential movie about the Falklands War.

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